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Casey Twist


Clinical Nutritionist
Diploma of Clinical Nutrition

Certified CarbChoice Consultant

Casey's Story

Casey Twist is a registered Clinical Nutritionist at The Herb Clinic in Auckland.


Casey provides in depth consultations geared towards detecting nutritional deficiencies that may be causing or contributing to many health complaints. Depending on the needs of her client, she uses in clinic and pathology testing to take the guess work out of the equation. Casey aims to provide manageable stepping stones for her clients towards achieving optimal health.


"As a clinical nutritionist I take a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means I look at all aspects of my client's lives, and personalise a treatment plan that will suit their lifestyle. My goal is to provide my client's with the tools, knowledge and support to help them take control of their health and wellness journey."

Casey is also a certified CarbChoice consultant. CarbChoice is a one of a kind, simple test to discover your ability to process carbohydrates. The test results will evaluate the number of copies of the AMY1 gene you have, revealing how well you metabolise carbohydrates. These results provide you with personalised diet and nutritional needs for effective carbohydrate processing. This is a fantastic tool through our Auckland clinic with many benefits including weight loss, improved energy and balancing blood sugars.

Casey works Monday - Friday at our Auckland Clinic

Located at

115 Mellons Bay Rd, Mellons Bay,

Auckland 2014


Address: Private Clinic

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During this transition period we will

only be available for phone or skype appointments 

Monday 9-5pm

Tuesday 9-5pm

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