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Biohydra+ Serum

Biohydra+ Serum 15gm

Infuse moisture and replenish vital nutrients into the skin with this ultra-hydrating serum. With key organic extracts and active humectants of Hyaluronic Acid and PGA the serum will help provide long-lasting skin hydration, protection and revitalising results. ​ Formulated with key native berries of riberry, pepperberry and muntries to help with antioxidant protection and improving long term hydration in the skin this serum will aid in plumping and providing glowing results on the skin.



Skin Types

  • Normal

  • Dehydrated

  • Mature

  • Dry

Suggestion of Use

This maybe used morning & night or just at night if preferred * Can be incorporated with other OS products. For example place under the Repair & Rejuvenate product ‘Wrinkle Defence’ followed with the appropriate OS Moisturiser * Or place alone under the appropriate OS Moisturiser

Ingredient Highligths

Aloe Vera Juice this miracle ingredient is the main carrier agent throughout the Organicspa range (except the oils) Aloe Vera offers huge benefits to the skin like hydration, moisturising, repairing, encourages cell renewal, it's protective & offers support to the natural skin balance, it's cooling, soothing & full of vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, E & Folic Acid

Wildberry Havest "super berries". This is a bio active complex of 3 indigenous Australian berries that protect, nourish & hydrate the skin. Pepperberry + Ribbery + Muntries. These berries have a high antioxidant effect, hydrating acid induction & hydrating effect PGA- Poly Glutamic Acid Fermented Soy Beans (non GMO) sourced from Japan.

PGA holds 5000x it weight in water 5 times more than Hyloronic Acid. It's property includes, hydrating, multi-collagen stimulation, supports active delivery, conditioning, moisture retention, soothing & restructuring. PGA protects the skin by creating membranes on its surface. It also increases natural moisturising factors such as amino acids by revitalising cells inside the skin. 

Rosehip oil is a huge multivitamin for the skin, containing essential fatty acids that help prevent the signs of ageing & provide excellent results in the treatment of stretch marks, burns, sunburn, scarring, pigmentation. Helps with the lubrication & healing of stretching skin in pregnancy, etc


Aroma- combination of Frankincense + Magnolia + Ylang Ylang

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