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Soothe Balm

Soothe Balm 15m

This gorgeous product can be used as a barrier balm, lip treatment and cuticle ointment. It aids in repairing and replenishing the skin. The organic alternative to petroleum jelly-based products. This formula is an oil based natural emollient (it repels water), which makes it a long lasting lubricant to smooth and protect rough and dry skin. How? Emollients help to replace lipids by filling in gaps between the skin cells.



Skin Types

  • All Skin Types

Suggestion of Use

Gently spread a small amount onto skin or lips until well covered. Apply as often as needed.

Tips and Tricks

Less is More!

Ingredient Highligths

Coconut Oil Extracted from the dried inner flesh of the coconut. It is a excellent skin moisturiser as the emollient oil aids in carrying the ingredients to the depths of the skin

Shea Butter A skin superfood, rich in vitamin A,E &D. The natural healer. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin. Shea butter also provides anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and nourishing benefits.

Sweet Almond Oil Good for sensitive and irritated skin. This oil has a slight nutty odour.

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