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A 12 week step by step guide to get your cycle back on track and your skin glowing.

I N C L U D E S 

  • Online Initial consultation plus 4 follow up consultations

  • Comprehensive Ebook including Information about each phase of your cycle, how certain foods affect the phases and what to include in your diet.

  • Weekly Phase information

  • 4 weekly meal plans for each phase - Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal and Menstrual (Std, GF, Vegan)

  • Skin care guide for each phase with individualised skincare recommendations

  • Weekly articles relating to female health & wellness

  • Menstrual tracking recommendations or Print out chart

  • *Herbal Tonics

  • *Supplements 

  • *Bespoke Skincare Products

  • *Womens Blend Massage Wax

Valued at over $1700

*Cost of Herbal tonics & supplements, skincare, wax are only included in the $999 Plan)

Total Cost $ 999 saving nearly $700!

(Afterpay is available)

Alternative plans are available without the herbal tonics, supplements, skincare or wax.

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Beauty Products
Transparant thc logo.png
Transparant thc logo.png




By joining  this programme you will have taken the first step to regain control over your hormones and gain clear, beautiful skin at any age. By following this program, you will be supplying your body and your hormones with some much needed support. You will be amazed how much better you will feel and look, not to mention the new energy and vitality you will discover.

My goal is to help you through this journey. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, I am

dedicated to helping clients with their health journey.  Striving to achieve health and wellbeing is a process which can include improvements and sometimes minor setbacks. The body needs time to re-adjust its settings, clear out waste materials and build new tissues in order to perform more effectively.

I am here to support you through the process, answering your questions and providing any extra information

you may need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Why Choose this programme?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself?

o Is it to clear your skin?

o Is it to get your period back or have a pain free normal cycle?

o Is it to reduce your heavy bleeding?

o Is it to lose weight?

o Is it to feel calm and confident?

o Is it to get your energy back?

o Have you just come off the pill and your body is not adjusting as you expected?

If you ticked yes to any or all of these, then you are in the right place. I developed this program to help regulate cycles and gain clear skin using nutrition, herbal medicines and proven lifestyle advice. Having smooth glowing skin can be a side effect of normalising your hormones but quite often it needs a specialised approach focusing on more than just the external environment of your body.  We need to focus on both the internal and external when managing our skin conditions and maintaining a flawless complexion.


Weight loss is a huge part of this program, if you need it to be! By regulating our hormones the weight just falls off gently. I have tried every diet know to wo(man). Believe me, I have.   I have an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto's, where the body's immune cells attack the thyroid.  This leads to a decline in thyroid function, in turn, leading to a decrease in metabolism.  I gained 23 kilos in a few short months without changing my diet or exercise.  Stress was a huge part of the problem.  But once I started managing the stressors I could control and accepted those I couldn't, focused on good nutrition, my prescriptive herbs, living a lifestyle that I loved and removed toxic people from my life, the excess kilos just disappeared without me really noticing. Until all of a sudden I DID notice. Saying it was a pleasant surprise it to put it mildly…..    I am still a work in progress myself and have ups and downs with the challenges life brings.  But do not underestimate STRESS!!!!  We will discuss this during the program.

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