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Imagine breezing through your Perimenopause transition years!

Learn how to become in tune with your body, lose weight while eating filling, tasty meals with done-for-you meal plans, use herbal therapy to reduce hot flushes, elevate mood, gain clear glowing skin, all while living life in harmony with your changing cycles.

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My 8 Week Skin & Hormone Essentials program helps you go from tired, irritable, frustrated with your "menobelly" & hot flushes, yo-yo dieting, and ageing skin.......
To a woman that’s happy and satisfied, whilst slimming down, gaining clear, glowing skin, energy to burn all while still enjoying life. 

If you are like me, and most of the women I've helped...

You are sick and tired of exercising and limiting calories but still gaining weight!

Uncomfortable and embarrassed about your hot flushes and night sweats

have irregular periods, flooding, or worsening symptoms of endometriosis and or adenomyosis etc

Mood swings where you can feel the emotions building but can't control them

Anxiety and sadness, possibly depression

Extreme exhaustion and fatigue

Thinning and sagging skin, especially around the jowl area.

Answered yes to any of the above and feel like you've tried EVERYTHING, yet can't see any long term results?

I get it, I really do, because I was there too.

This is me 2 years apart!

The photo on the left is me at aged 48, tired, moon faced, overweight, in constant pain with my cycle and hashimoto's in full swing.

The photo on the right is me now, aged 50 years old, 20kgs lighter, no hot flushes, stable mood,  clear skin, hashimoto's nearly in full remission, and no more menobelly!

I am being totally transparent here, I'm still a work in progress but the tools I teach are the things you can learn quickly and remain consistent to get results.  I still have a glass of wine or chocolate when I feel like it.  I don't deprive myself.  I have energy to run around with my grandchildren!  This is the healthiest I have been in over a decade!  (yep!  I'm wearing high heels again and can see my feet!)

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The 8 Week Skin & Hormone Essentials Program is designed to help you
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So, who is the program for for?

It particularly helps women who:

✔ Are health-conscious and ‘doing all the right things’ but not seeing results

✔ Have tried calorie restriction, keto diets before with no success due to too much restriction

✔ Are caught in the toxic yo-yo dieting cycle

✔Have hormonal acne, eczema, dermatitis or prematurely ageing skin

✔ Have bloating or IBS-type concerns

✔ Have PCOS, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes

✔ Have endometriosis, adenomyosis or fibroids

✔ Have hypothyroidism or hashimoto's

✔ Are going through peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause

✔ Have inflammatory complaints such as fluid retention, acne or fatigue

✔ Have extreme sugar cravings or a large appetite

✔ Are gluten sensitive or coeliac

✔ Have had a hysterectomy (total or radical)

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Sneak peek at a day on a plate!
All recipes are:

✔Gluten free, low carb, high in fibre, mostly dairy free (with dairy free options)

✔ Easy to cook for all levels of cooking

✔ Simple, using not a tonne of different ingredients that have you in the kitchen for hours

✔ Tasty and filling

✔ Easily adapted to the whole family

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What you will learn

  • Learn how to track your each phase of your cycle even if you are skipping periods

  • Understand how hormones work and the 3 key tips to balancing them 

  • Track your skin health, learn your true skin type and underlying causes

  • Enjoy done for you meal plans, with calories and macronutrients specifically designed to balance your hormones

  • Understand that eating more of specific foods will leave you feeling satisfied, rather than starving

  • Learn what exercises are beneficial at this phase of your life

  • Learn practical stress relieving techniques such as self massage and mindfulness

  • Learn how to practice facial massage, buccal massage and gua sha massage to encourage plump, healthy skin

What you will gain

  • You will slim down without deprivation

  • You will reduce bloating and inflammation

  • You will reduce your hot flushes

  • you will balance your hormones and enjoy an easier perimenopause transition

  • You will be educated for long term success

  • you will no longer be hungry and crave sugar

  • You will have clear, glowing skin and know how to keep it that way

  • You can still enjoy wine and chocolate if you wish!

  • You will have far more energy and confidence

  • You will transform your mindset about menopause

  • Your sleep will be improved and you will wake up refreshed

  • You will never have to "diet" again

  • You will feel and look healthy

What clients are saying......

Sara (aged 39)

I have lost 6kg and no longer have hormonal acne.  I loved that I could eat healthy delicious meals and still have a life on the weekend

How the program works

The Skin & Hormone Essentials program is 8 weeks long and is focuses on 2 monthly cycles.  Even if you are no longer mensturating or have irregular periods, this plan is designed to bring your hormones into balance so you can enjoy the perimenopausal years without debilitating symptoms.

Month 1 - Observing and Hormonal cleanse

This first month is all about listening to your body, and paying attention to each stage of your cycle. Notice your moods, your skin, your aches and pains, energy levels, bleeding, spotting, discharge etc. You will start taking the herbs on day 6 of your cycle, for the first stage of Hormonal Cleanse.  If you no longer have a uterus, ovaries or are post-menopausal, you will be provided with specific hormonal cleanse herbs that are not targeting the uterus.  You can read more about Hormonal Cleansing here.

Month 2 - Putting the tools into action & Peaceful Peri Tonics.

The second month is about putting things into action according to your specific needs and you should begin to notice a difference in how you feel. You will begin to understand the patterns of your cycle and how to reduce any unwanted symptoms. You will begin to take the next specifically blended brew of biphasic herbs from day 1 of your cycle - Peaceful Peri Tonics.

What is included?​

  • Weekly Live Zoom Mentoring calls with the SHE community where I discuss each phase with Q&A time

  • Step by step guidance on how to balance your hormones naturally

  • Comprehensive education including Information about each phase of your cycle, how certain foods affect the phases and what to include in your diet.

  • 4 x 100ml bottles of herbal tonics for the Hormonal Cleanse & Biphasic Peaceful Peri (postage included)

  • 4 weekly meal plans for each phase - Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal and Menstrual 

  • Delicious recipes that are specifically targeted at balancing hormones and losing the "meno-belly"  (GF)

  • Skin care guide for each phase with individualised skincare recommendations

  • Learn how to track your cycle, symptoms, skin changes with weekly phase information

  • How to understand your relevant pathology results and know if you are in the 'Optimal ranges"

  • Advice on supplements that may be beneficial for your symptoms and access to practitioner products 

  • Learn what herbs can help manage your symptoms and balance your hormones

  • Learn what exercises are beneficial at this phase of your life

  • Video Guides  teaching you how to complete a full body self massage, facial massage, buccal massage and gua sha massage

  • Learn how to target your weekly facials according to your skin needs and what ingredients to look for in your skincare products

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Bonus #1
Snack guide with over 30 healthy & tasty recipes

Bonus # 2
Guide on my favourite skincare brands for perimenopausal women

Bonus # 3
Facial recipes using ingredients from your kitchen!
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  • Is this plan vegan or vegetarian?
    No but while approx. 40% of the meals are vegetarian, this plan isn’t suitable for vegetarians. There are just too many recipes that would need swaps. Most women I have treated are iron deficient and just cannot get enough from a vegetarian or vegan diet alone, without supplementation. However, if you are experienced in swapping your protein choices, then this still may be suitable for you.
  • Is this plan suitable if I have PCOS?
    Yes! The low carb, no sugar, low GI recipes are perfect for anyone with PCOS. The anti-inflammatory foods help with blood sugar imbalance. I have had clients regain their periods while doing this program.
  • What if I have had a hysterectomy?
    You can still participate in this program if you have had a hysterectomy or oophorectomy (ovaries removed). If you still retain your ovaries you may still be cycling, if you have had your ovaries removed, this plan is still beneficial to help prevent menopausal related health issues. The herbs used in the the Hormone Cleanse Renewal Tonics (specially designed for post-menopausal women or women who have undergone a hysterectomy but retain ovaries), are different to the Hormone Cleanse tonics, which are specifically targeting the uterus. Please make sure you email me at when you sign up, so I can arrange your specific herbs. If you have had an oophorectomy, you will use the Hormone Cleanse Harmony Tonics instead of the Hormone Cleanse tonics. Please make sure you email me at when you sign up, so I can arrange your specific herbs.
  • My skin is clear, will this still be of benefit to me?
    Yes! The anti-inflammatory foods and herbal tonics are designed to balance your hormones. If you already have clear, glowing skin, you are ahead of the pack but will still benefit from the knowledge of how to maintain your skin health naturally.
  • What if I am gluten intolerant or Coeliac?
    This plan is Gluten free!
  • Is this program time consuming?
    The program is quite fast paced over 8 weeks. There is a weekly live mentoring video call every Wednesday that is beneficial for you to attend, especially if you have any questions. The rest of the program is designed to be completed weekly and has videos of 15-20 minutes to watch or you can download the slides and read them instead. The meal plans are designed to limit your time in the kitchen and use leftovers for lunches. Self care is a big part of this program, even if this just means keeping your benches tidy so you wake up in the morning to a tidy kitchen! Whatever time you have to spend on the program is adequate. You will have the tools and information for life!
  • Is this plan suitable if I have endometriosis, andenomyosis or fibroids?
    Yes! I have personally suffered with all three of these conditions! The anti-inflammatory nature of the recipes helps immensely with the pain and heavy bleeding. Remember you can ask me questions regarding your particular situation on the weekly mentoring calls.
  • I have Hashimoto's or low thyroid. Will this plan work for me?
    Yes and Yes! I have hashimoto's and this is the only way of eating I have done that has helped me lower inflammation and reduce my thyroid antibodies. I am very close to being in remission and I have lost 20kg from changing my diet to wholefoods.
  • What if I am trying to conceive?
    This program is beneficial if you are trying to conceive in the peri-menopausal years. I have used the hormonal cleanse tonics on many of my clients before they actively start trying to become pregnant. I recommend you do not try to conceive for the first month as the hormonal cleanse herbs are targeted at stimulating the uterus and increase circulation. If you do become pregnant, stop the herbs immediately. The second round of biphasic herbs are used in balancing female hormones so can still be taken if you are not pregnant, but again, if you conceive during the second month you need to stop taking the herbs.
  • Can I complete this program is I am pregnant?
    No, this plan is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant. It is designed for balancing the hormones in peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women. While it is very common to conceive while in the peri-menopausal transition years, I never recommend any client to try and lose weight while pregnant. The herbal tonics are designed for cleaning out the uterus, balancing the sex hormones in the ovaries and adrenals, and stimulating the liver. Certain herbs are contra-indicated during pregnancy.
  • Can I do this program if I no longer get a period?
    Yes! This program is designed for women of peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal age. Even if you are no longer cycling, our sex hormones still need to be kept in balance and at adequate levels to help prevent health issues such as osteoporosis, menopausal weight gain, cardiovascular issues and poor mental health
  • Is this program suitable for someone with food allergies?
    Yes! The plan is Gluten free and mainly dairy free. I give options for dairy alternatives, nut alternatives and egg alternatives. You can alway ask in the weekly mentoring call for more advice.
  • Is this plan flexible?
    Yes! This plan is designed on the weekly phases of your cycle. You can choose which ever meal plan and weekly video that correlates to your specific phase. The meal plans are also flexible to allow you to have 2 meals a week of your choosing. There are no restrictions and you can eat or drink whatever you like! I have allocated these days as Saturday dinner and Sunday Lunch, but you can change them to whenever you want.
  • Can I complete this program if I am breastfeeding?
    Yes you can participate in this program if you are breastfeeding. You will not be able to use the Hormone Cleanse herbs while you are feeding. You can contact Leanne at the beginning of the program to discuss alternative herbs that are safe while breastfeeding, or you can keep the hormonal cleanse herbal tonics for once you have finished your breastfeeding journey. You can read more about Hormone Cleansing here. You will need to increase your daily calorie intake by approximately 500 calories. One of the bonuses included in the program is a healthy snack guide so can can choose any of these foods to boost your intake.
  • What if I don't have my period at the beginning of the program start date?
    It is going to be a rare event for someone to start day 1 of the program on day 1 of their cycle! The program is designed to begin anywhere in your cycle, you have access to all of the cycle phase information at the beginning. The program has an added free week of preparation so I am able to post your herbal tonics (Hormonal Cleanse Brews) in time for the start date. In saying that, the hormonal cleanse begins on day 6 of your cycle. If you are no longer cycling, you can begin on any day. If you no longer bleed but are still cycling, you can ask me in the first Q&A and I will work out what day you should start the tonics.
  • Does the plan include Intermittent Fasting?
    Yes I introduce 16/8 intermittent fasting in week 2 of the plan. I have thoroughly researched this topic and its benefits for women in this age group. I believe in it! So, if you’re already used to it, you can certainly begin right away. There are lots of instructions inside the program that help you adapt the plan to your specific needs.
  • Are the meal plans suitable for my family too?
    Yes! Although I have targeted the meal plans for women and their hormones, they are packed full of healthy whole foods. You may need to add extra for partners and children to ensure they are getting their full nutrient requirements met.
  • Are the meal plans low calorie?
    No, this is not a low calorie diet. This is a whole food based plan that uses foods that encourage gut repair and hormonal balance. The daily calorie intake sits around 1500 calories and can be tailored to your specific needs. The bonus snack guide can increase your caloric intake if you need it. I discuss how this works in detail in the program.
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