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Hormone Balancing

Specialising in Female Hormone issues such as Endometriosis, Adenyomyosis, PCOS, Heavy Bleeding, Painful Periods, Thyroid conditions such as Hashimotos and Graves Disease


Skin Conditions

Skin issues such as Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Ageing Well.

Learn how to treat both internally and externally.


Pregnancy & Children's Health

Healthy Pregnancy,

Children's Health Naturally

Welcome to The Herb Clinic

I'm Leanne, owner of the  Herb Clinic, Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Nutritionist.  I am also a mum to two adult daughters, and I am also now grandmother!  My clinic was established to provide a natural alternative to health care and beauty. 

I developed a  program "Skin & Hormone Essentials (SHE)" where I help women who are struggling with hormonal issues, irregular or heavy, painful cycles, skin issues (such as acne, eczema and ageing well), low energy, and weight issues, who just want to look and feel better.  

I understand there is no one size fits all approach to wellness, and as such, I treat my clients as individuals and tailor my programs to suit them.​

I am passionate about teaching women how to transform their skin at any age, how to balance their hormones naturally while feeling confident, calm and naturally beautiful.  I combine nutritional education, beautiful herbs and topical treatments to show that beauty is more that just skin deep, It is a combination of a healthy mindset, diet and lifestyle.


I am to offer guidance, knowledge and tools to help support you on your unique health care journey.

What is Naturopathy?

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Naturopathy is a medical practice of treating and preventing conditions in the mental and physical body, by using Mother Nature's best medicines. We combine the benefits of nutrition and herbal medicine to support the body's own innate ability to heal itself.   It draws on traditional principles practiced for centuries and modern scientific evidence to provide support for the mind and body.

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Why use an Online Naturopath?
Are you ready to transform your health?
  • In today's challenging environment, you can be sure you can maintain contact and manage your treatment plan from anywhere.

  • It’s incredibly convenient for both of us.

  • I’m able to open up morning, lunchtime and evening appointments so you can see me in your own home or office. You don’t have to skip work, miss meetings, organise baby sitters or fight the traffic.

  • I’m able to help you wherever you are in the world.

  • Our online consults are organised via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Phone, with Afterpay, direct debit, credit card or PayPal payment options.

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