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An Update on What's been happening...

Hello! It's been a while since I have updated anything personal about myself so thought now is the perfect time to let you know what has been going on in my world the last year or so.

There has been so much going on, I don't really know where to begin. A lot of good things mingled in with a few bad things as well. The main reason I took a break from social media and emails was to focus on my own health. In December last year (2021), I had two tumours removed from my uterus, along with a full hysterectomy, including adenomyosis and endometriosis. I have been seeing a limited number of clients during this time but have opened up my books now my health is back on track!


As a Health Professional specialising in Women's Health, this was a not decision I made lightly. I had spent many years managing my symptoms with food, herbs, supplements and medication when needed. I worked with a fantastic Gynaecologist and was doing really well for many years. As my age has crept up and the hormonal changes that brings, it became apparent that surgery was inevitable. While I was recovering from this issue, I utilised the time by doing a lot more post-grad study.


As many of you who know me personally, will remember when my daughter Ashleigh had my first wee granddaughter Abby. Well, my Whanau has grown even more. Natalya has a beautiful boy named Charlie and Ash has just had another gorgeous boy named Alex! So I currently have 3 grandchildren, who keep me very very busy. Due to the housing crisis currently on the Coast, we moved to acreage and are living with Natalya and her family, so I get to see Charlie every day. I still have Abby to stay at least one night a week. I love being involved in their lives and cannot believe how fast it has gone already.


Prior to Covid I had a physical clinic located in Marcoola. I made the decision to close it due to rising cost and my health issues. Stress is not a friend so someone with major health concerns. This decision turned out to be timely as Covid struck a few months later. I am now fully online with Zoom calls my main form of communication with clients. I have an online program soon to be finished, with more on the way. During my recovery I focused on more study involving natural pregnancy, post-partum mental health, 4th trimester recovery and peri-menopause. These areas were lacking in my clinic as I was mainly focused on the reproductive years of women. This extra study has given me the knowledge (and my own first hand experience), to treat women from menarche to menopause with continuity of care.

I still see a small number of clients face to face, with mobile appointments, and I still like to hand deliver any herbs etc so I still get to see all those familiar faces in person!

If you want to book in an appointment you can do so here .


Most of you are aware that I also have Hashimoto's Disease. I have been able to focus on going into remission this year and am feeling the best I have for years. With a combination of food that has worked for me and my ...lovely... herbal tonics (!), I am managing to finally get this disease under control. I really listen to what my body is telling me and rest when I need to. Not doing this for years and years, including a decade of being a single parent, played a huge part in the issues I have had.

My exercise is now limited to Yoga, Walking and Swimming. As someone entering peri-menopause, the hormone shift has really affected how I work out. I have always loved yoga, I remember in the early 70's my mother had a tiny orange yoga book she used to practice with. Us kids would join in with her. I had sporadic times when I dabbled in it but it wasn't until my mid 20's that I really committed to daily practice and classes. Working full-time while being a single parent soon put a stop to that, so it was another few years until I took up the practice again. Then another big break with months of commitment then nothing. This year I have recommitted and am loving the way my body feels with daily practice.

So that sums up the past year I have been absent from social media! I am looking forward to getting back into more clinic work and helping more women with their hormonal health.

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