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Excited to announce - Revive Cookbooks now in stock!

I am so excited to be able to share these cookbooks with you!

I am now stocking the entire collection!

Jeremy Dixon ~ the founder of the hugely successful health-focused Revive cafes found in Auckland, New Zealand, has created a fantastic series of cookbooks for even the most basic level cook. Inspired by a 10 day health retreat he converted to a healthy lifestyle including fuelling with feel good food and desire of sharing this with others in order to sustain a better life with vitality.

Jeremy's mission was to get normal people eating healthier ... people who are currently eating the traditional western diet which would include meat, processed flour, sugars, pies, muffins, copious amounts of dairy, soft drinks and coffee. The success of the Revive cafes led the way to Jeremy sharing Revives secret recipes and the collection of cookbooks began. Lucky for us who happen to live anywhere else but Auckland (yes there are actually quite a few of us........)!

These recipes are genuinely healthy, tasty and look amazing.

Revives delicious #vegetarian food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh produce and virtually no processed sugars or flours. The majority of the dishes are also dairy and gluten free. That is not to say you cannot add meat or dairy etc if you like (I quite often do as I have no issues with either of them). Many of the recipes are totally vegan. They literally will fit with any family and dietary consideration. This is one of the reasons I highly recommend them to my patients.

What's great is that these recipes are so easy to make, full of flavour with an abundance of spices and great ingredients. Also, there are clear recurrent ingredients so you aren't buying weird one-off ingredients that you use once and then never again.

Browse through our collection HERE

Happy Cooking :)

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