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If you're someone to constantly run around after others, taking care of people, making sure everyone has what they need, sorting out bills, food, cleaning, the list goes on... then you're probably guilty of putting your own needs at the bottom of your to do list.

Put your needs and self-care at the TOP of your list.

Self-care is one of the most common things we bypass, forget about or just leave until last minute. This can build stress in your body and not alone affect you ability and energy to do daily tasks, but it may lead to a number of different health issues.


I know.... you have kids, work, bills, and a sh*t load more to do before you even start cooking dinner tonight, you don't have the time to worry about yourself!

Whether it's a five minute meditation or an hour walk, you NEED to find time for yourself. I understand not everyone has time for an hour out of their day, so make time! It doesn't have to be an hour or even five minutes, you can just step outside in the fresh out, shut your eyes and take a breath.

Here are a list of time-out things to do during the day that reduce stress:

  1. Soak up the sun: Roll up your sleeves, put on some shorts and soak up the sun for a few minutes. This will bump up your energy and provide you with the essential vitamin D.

  2. Walk in nature: At the beach or in the bush, take a stroll and if it's safe to, turn off or don't take your phone. Take in the setting around you and appreciate everything nature has to offer, you wont regret it.

  3. Meditation: This doesn't have to mean a 30 minute meditation. If you get a chance to sit in a quiet room and take a few deep breaths, that may be all the meditation you need.

  4. Yoga: If you do have some extra time on your hands, try a yoga workout. There a ton's of places you can get into yoga, including your own home! You don't have to be as flexible or skilled as the instructor, just doing sun salutation for ten minutes right after getting out of bed will get your body moving and have you starting your day with the wake up that your body needs.

  5. Sleep: Okay, this isn't "during the day", for most people anyway, but sleep is just as important as any other daily task. Your mind needs to rest just as much as your body. So take an hour or so before bed time to wind-down, turn off the tv, laptop, phone and let your mind and eyes relax in preparation for a good night's rest.

  6. Read: While you're winding-down before bed, use this time to read your favourite novel you haven't had time to read. This will distract your thoughts from all the troubles and stress that you faced during the day. Doing this before bed will hopefully, also stop that little voice inside your head that keeps you up all night worried about tomorrow.

  7. Knit: Knitting and crochet has the same effect on your brain as meditation does (as long as you know you you're doing). However, DO NOT turn this into another task, if you don't have time to sit there for an hour to knit, don't. Don't set yourself a date to finish the project by, that will just cause more stress, just do it for 10 minutes and go back to your project every so often when you have time.

Now go back to reality keeping in mind that your world DOES revolve around you and keeping your mind and body healthy is one of the most important things in your life. So don't spend your time stressing about other peoples health when they're not stressing about yours.

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