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Autumn Skincare Facial with OS Face Exfoliant.

As the trees start to shed their leaves, we also need to shed our damaged, dry and summer worn skin. What better way to start a new season than a good skin exfoliation. A little bit of background on exfoliating. Your skin is constantly producing new, healthy skin cells to replace the old dead cells. As we age, the skins natural exfoliating process slows down, resulting in a rougher, dryer complexion. The good news is that with little effort, we can help our skin continue to turnover at a youthful rate, resulting in a glowing, younger-looking complexion.With the benefits of our key ingredients: Kaolin, liquorice extract, macadamia oil and gentle exfoliating particles, the OS face exfoliant is a gentle yet effective, essential treatment for all, resulting in smoother skin and your products penetrating deeper for complete skin satisfaction.

Apply a thin layer to skin & leave it for 10 minutes to really draw those impurities out of your pores. With wet fingertips, scrub gently in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells, dirt and grime, rinse thoroughly. We have carefully formulated this Exfoliant to leave your skin feeling revitalised and instantly smoother, brighter and softer. It will also help to reduce any redness, protect against environmental damage and tighten the pores, without removing your natural oils!

This routine is suitable for most skin types. We recommend to perform it 1 or 2 times a week. Finish your ritual with one of our serums & apply a moisturiser depending on your skin type. It’s time to nourish & revitalise your skin in time for those cooler months.


Gently polishes away impurities & dead skins cells. Organicspa Face Exfoliant offers a creamy texture with fine granules. The result, a smoother, brighter & refined complexion without stripping the skin.


Kaolin- This beautiful white clay absorbs excess sebum, decongest the pores & helps to draw out impurities. It’s rich in trace minerals that sooth the skin. Kaolin is ideal for all skin types including oily & blemished skin due to its high potency of calcium, silica, zinc & magnesium granules. It also helps break down the dead skin cells enzymatically to reveal a brighter, softer, more vibrant skin tone & texture.

Exfoliant particles – Argan Shell & Rice Powder. This blend of granules is shaped to move across the skin’s surface working in & out of the pores to refine the complexion without causing irritation. Rice Powder, is an ancient beauty secret used to gently exfoliate & revitalise the skin. Argan Shell is milled into a fine granule, offering a gentle but effective exfoliation scrub. The synergistic combination of this physical & natural exfoliant ingredients make this product perfect to buff away dead skin cells & stimulate cell renewal to improve tone & texture.

Liquorice Extract – This fabulous extract is derived from the root of the Licorice plant. It aids in reducing redness, inflammation & offers a soothing, calming effect on the skin. It aids in neutralising free radicals that attack the vitamins & proteins in the skin. Also contains constituents that work to interrupt the stimulation of enzymes that activate melanin production, therefore helps with improving dark spots & hyperpigmentation.

Macadamia Oil – Offers a smaller molecular structure that penetrates the skin on a deeper level offering hydration. Macadamia Oil is high in Palmitoleic acid which is vital for delaying skin ageing (as we get older our skin rapidly becomes depleted in Palmitoleic acid). The Oleic Acid (fatty acid) found in Macadamia Oil is fantastic for regeneration & moisturising.

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