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Have you tried Cold Brewed Coffee?

Cold Brewed Coffee has become one of New York's most trendy drinks of the season in the Summer of 2016 and 2017. Even one of the world's most popular coffee shops, Starbucks, has taken on this refreshing, tasty version of coffee and created a whole new twist to their menu.

Cold brewed or Cold Drip coffee has now started seeping it's way onto the crowded beaches of Australia during the high temperature season (living on the Sunny Coast I think it's safe to say this means all year round), creating a healthier, less bitter and tasty drink that coffee lovers can enjoy throughout their summer.

But don't fret. Those who don't drink coffee for it's signature bite of bitterness, this way of brewing creates a sweet, less acidic and less bitter taste that your taste-buds don't have to fear from. However if you still don't take to coffee, you can always cold brew/drip any tea you like for a sweet and refreshing beverage.

Cold Brewed Vs. Hot Brewed

Coffee is made up of many different compounds that naturally break down over time, including caffeine, oils, sugars and acids.

Brewing coffee both hot and cold is quite simple and very similar, both ways help break down the compounds found in coffee just at different speeds and temperatures.

  • Hot brewed is when hot water is being poured over your grounds and the brewed coffee will drain immediately from the sieve, leaving a strong aroma. This method of brewing speeds up the process of breaking down all the different compounds, making the acids and sugars break down at roughly the same speed, creating a balance between the two. Yet the strong acidic flavours will always seem to overpower the sugars, this is that bitter taste that hot coffee is widely known for, some people enjoy this bitterness and some people don't.

  • Cold brewed is when coffee is fully immersed in cold or room temperature water and left to brew for 12 hours, or until the preferred time. The coffee is then taken or sieved out, now left with the brewed coffee. This method of brewing breaks down the compounds in coffee all at different rates, the acidic compounds will break down much faster than the sugars, making the flavour less balanced and a more sweet. This is the reason cold brewed coffee is known to have less acidic and bitterness to it.

4 Benefits of Switching to Cold Brew

  1. The taste is much sweeter: this reason may not be on everyone's list to switch their coffee over. Some people enjoy that bite in their coffee and will simple add sugar if they want a sweeter taste. I personally prefer the natural sweet and smoother taste that you get from cold brewed.

  2. Less acidity in cold brew: the acidity of hot brewed coffee can cause damage to your teeth and the lining of your stomach, some people will also experience heartburn. Many people also get stomach aches immediately after drinking hot brewed and have to retreat to the toilet. Cold brewed coffee doesn't take this affect on people due to being over 60% less acidic than hot brewed coffee. The lower acidity of cold brew is also better for keeping our body’s pH levels balanced.

  3. Cold or Hot: if you're someone living in a cooler climate, facing the struggles of a snowy winter or if you just prefer to drink your coffee hot but still want all the benefits of a cold brew. Simply add hot water to your cold brew coffee and you're set.

  4. Storage: leaving a pot of hot brewed coffee to sit through-out the day is something I'm sure many have done. Whether it's because you forgot about it, got distracted and busy with something else or just couldn't find the time to finish and came back to find your coffee has gone stale. Disappointment strikes as you pour your coffee down the drain, What a waste. Cold brewed coffee will never leave you this problem, unless it takes your more than 2 weeks to drink. That's right, 2 weeks!!! You can brew your coffee and leave it stored in the fridge for up 2 weeks and still have that sweet and smooth taste.

So, are you ready to give Cold Brew coffee a try? Let us know what you think.

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