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Why You Should Get THIS Cold Press Juicer!

Optimum700 Advanced Cold Press Juicer

For anyone wanting to update their juicer or any newbies just starting out I truly believe this is one of the best Cold Press Juicers on the market. I have been wanting to purchase a cold press Juicer for a long time.......but my centrifugal juicer has lasted a lifetime and I haven't been able to justify it.

Why choose a Cold Press Juicer?

Juicers come in two categories: centrifugal and cold press (masticating). The Optimum 700 Slow Juicer is a cold-press juicer. That's important because, compared to centrifugal juicers, a cold-press juicer:

  • Extracts more juice: you'll get between 35-50% more juice* from the same volume of produce in a cold-presss juicer than you would from a centrifugal juicer. That means it creates less waste and saves you money every time you use it.

  • Preserves more nutrients: centrifugal juicers operate at high speeds that generate a significant amount of heat as they create their juice. Not only does the heat alter the taste of the resulting juice, but it can also break down some of the nutrients. For example, independent tests* show that juice from a cold-press juicer contains 42% more Vitamin C, and 60% more Vitamin A. * Test results from Michelson Laboratories,Inc., Korean Food Research Institute (KRFI), and internal labs.

  • Is far quieter: cold press juicers also provide a much quieter and more pleasant experience while they're operating. In their article comparing the two juicer types, Huffpost describes the centrifugal juicer as being "as loud as a blender". Meanwhile, the cold press juicer was "quiet enough to hear the TV while juicing"

  • Australian dietary experts recommend eating a minimum of of five vegetable and two fruit servings each day. However, that's a minimum: the more fresh vegetables and fruit you include in your diet, the more essential nutrients your body gets. Juicing extracts all the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants from fresh food, leaving behind only the solid matter. That means you can consume fresh, live nutrients in far greater quantities than you'd be able to manage if you were to eat the foods whole. In fact, you could easily meet your minimum daily requirement in just 1-2 delicious juices each day.

Additionally, juicing can help you become healthier by:

  • Allowing your body to absorb nutrients quickly: Because your body doesn't need to digest whole fruit and vegetables, you'll absorb the nutrients faster. In only 20 minutes, the juice will carry the nutrients into your bloodstream. That's particularly important if you're tired, recovering from illness, or have digestive issues.

  • Increasing the Alkaline content in your body: Many of our modern ailments are caused (or made worse) by an overly acidic system. Juices – especially green juices – help to raise your body's pH level and make it more alkaline. This can increase your energy, improve your digestion, clear your skin, and enhance mental clarity.

  • Overall juicing fresh fruits and vegetables provides your body with the highest quality, most nutrient-dense foods possible. They are easily absorbed in the blood stream and enable your body to heal itself naturally.

  • Supporting your body's natural detox processes: In ideal conditions, your body has a natural, built-in detoxification system to filter out and eliminate toxic substances. However, poor diet, stress and environmental pollutants mean that toxins can build up, causing a range of health conditions. Fresh juices help to flush out built-up toxins, and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support natural detoxification.

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Stylish colours include gold, silver, black and red

  • Various pulp extraction with the fine and coarse strainer

  • Unique blank strainer for homemade healthy sorbet

  • Combine juice flavors with the juice tap

  • 2 x 1 litre BPA-free Juice Jugs

100 juice recipes included


  • Create your own Tofu with the inclusion of the tofu maker

  • Strain your homemade nut milks with the fabric cloth

  • Remove all further traces of the pulp with the juice strainer attachment

  • Effortless cleaning with the specifically designed cleaning brush

  • 100 juice recipes


  • Dual wings not only act as a safety mechanism but also assist with minimising any risk of clogging

  • Offering the ability to create nutritious cold-press juice, healthy sorbet, dairy-free nut milks and much more

  • Access to expert support team

  • 24x7 support & warranty

  • Price match promise

  • 30 Day money back guarantee - includes postage!

Sourced from (the official distributors of Optimum)

*Affiliate link

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